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DSC_5508-6_joName: Ádám Sápi

Tel: +36 30 963 3930

Email: sadam(dot)kadmon(at)gmail(dot)com

Born: 1979.12.14.

Titulusintegral tai chi, qi gong, yoga instructor, buddhist dharma teacher, somatic & movement therapist (heilpraktiker), movement & body & self discovery related training, workshop, retreat organizer and facilitator

Web: www.adamkadmon.hu – about me, my activities, teachings, writings

since 2000 – practicing and study yoga (hatha, tantra, integral), ayurveda, tantra, buddhism and meditation

2004 – Software development and mathematics MSc @ Szeged University

2005-2010 Dharma teacher BA @ Dharma Gate Buddhist College (Comparative religion and philosophy specialization) (traditions, philosophy, psychology, east & west, shaivism, tantra, mind research, buddhist meditations, zen, dzogchen). Diploma thesis: Cultureindependent dharma – transmission and teaching based on bodyawareness, embodiedness, Body as a teacher

2006 – getting involved in contact improvisation, authentic movement, trancedances, physical theatre, performing art, butoh, body oriented therapies – artist, performer, dancer

since 2007 – practicing chi kung (qi gong), shaolin kung fu

since 2009 – practicing integral tai chi

2009 – retreat and studies (Parting from the 4 Attachments: Mahayana Mind-Training) @ International Buddhist Academy, Nepal

2010 – research and studies on shaivism, tantric yoga tradition @ Rishikesh, Varanasi, Banaras Hindu University, Philosophy and Religion Department

since 2011 – practicing yang style tai chi chuan (tai ji quan)

since 2011 – influencies, practicing more and more himalaya yoga, kundalini yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow, pranayama, yogatherapy, ayurveda

since 2011 – teaching yoga

2012 – starting organize and lead summer retreats with several methods that helps self discovery and well being within: yoga, chi kung, bodywork

since 2013 – teaching integral tai chi and chi kung, leading self discovery events, workshops

2013 – studies on cognitive psychotherapy and non violent communication

2014 – born of an integral vision with many methods within, to get closer and reveal your Self: Getting Into Relations group sessions – a self discovering adventure, experiencing through the body and movements without words, understanding the wisdom of the body and integrating Body – Soul – Spirit realms

2015-16 – studies on Alternative Movement and Massage Therapy (Alternative Medicine / Naturopath / Heilpraktiker)

since 2017 – private therapies based on yoga, chi kung, bodywork, breathing

2017 – working in office/business environment recreating the human resource

2017 – running Karmayoga Studio in Budapest

2018/19 – living in Berlin, daily practice and living in a Zen center, practicing Wudang style internal martial arts, playfight and contact impro, having regular classes and teaching different body- and movement work on retreats

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