Retreats in Hungary

I facilitate 4 retreats every year regularly. We have a retreat place near to Budapest in Tinnye with 3-7 bed rooms and a huge garden. See brief description here below, more details in the retreat menu or here or contact me.

April – Silence and spring purification retreat

Retreat for the purification of the body, energetics, mind and karma. We use a special diet and the cleansing techniques of yoga (whole digest system) on the physical-energetical level, as for the level of soul-mind we practice Silence and Awareness in sitting meditation.


July – How I becoming We retreat

Getting into relations – self discovery bodywork methods, taichi and yoga in integral approach
Inviting you for practicing on your Self, how can it relate to others and transcend itself to become a part of we/us. Getting into relations? Encounters, experiences, self-discovery adventure in a fine tuned space without words. Get closer and reveal your Self through body, movements, space, contacts, others, joy, touches, improvisation, expression, presence, drama, challenges.
Methods: yoga, tai chi kung, bodywork, nonviolent communication, meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques, contact improvisation. All of these and bodyawareness, mindfulness, flow, sharings, plays, lot of fun and justPresence also involved.
With Eva Kormos and Dora Csuday yoga and bodywork instructors.

Aug – Integral Tai Chi retreat

We will introduce integral tai chi system and teach the 10 basic forms for beginners, you can have the basics and the knowledge to practice itc alone afterwards. For advanced practicioners we will provide more details in order to deepen their practice, how to reactivate and use the forms again. Furthermore we would like to widen your approach with related energetic works, qi gong, meditation, flow, health care, self discovery, sharings and background theories.

With Pal Pluhar tai chi instructor.


Dec/Jan – How I becoming We retreat New Year special edition

The same concept as detailed above, but here we focus more on the yearchange, sum the old year and plan the new one while having lot of fun.


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