Yoga, tai chi, bodywork classes, workshops and therapy

I can offer to teach the followings..

Regular/weekly classes:


  • Vinyasa flow: for intensifying the inner heat, and vitality, purifying the body, merging the body and soul, attaining flow, working with intense breathing technique and dynamic movements


  • Hatha yoga: for stretching, attaining healthy conditions, getting relaxed, working with breathing, asanas, relaxation, and light vinyasas


  • Pranayama / meditation: for stressrelief, increasing lifeforce, balancing the nervous system, calming or focusing the mind, working with different types of breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation – zazen – mindfulness


Chi Kung (qi gong):

  • Bian chi kung: for recreating vitality and youth, working on the kidneys area and the belt-meridian


  • 8 brocades chi kung: for improving health and well being, working on the organs and the main meridian system

  • Itc flow series: for better circulation, coordination, joints, releasing stress and attaining flow, working with slow, soft, continuous, circle based, easytolearn movements as a dynamic meditation

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Tai Chi:

  • Integral Tai Chi: modern synthesis that based on Taoism (chi kung, tai chi), Buddhism (meditation), and Yoga (chakras, fire breathing) adopted for western world, working with short forms, doing sequences, focusing more on the self-discovery aspect than the martial artistic aspect


  • Tai Ji Quan: yang style, short form, 48 form, sword form, partnerwork (tui shou – pushing hands), for better movement coordination, improving health, strengthening the deep and structural muscles, exploring our relations/borders with partners


Private sessions:

  • Private class: we can deal with any of that are listed above
  • Therapy session: deal with a certain problem or situation that you bring, in a physical, energetical, emotional or mental level, I m using yoga, ayurveda, breathing techniques as therapeutic methods



In 4-6 hours long sessions we can go more deep in any topic that i listed above, with more theoretical content, expressing traditional background, dedicating more time for deeper understanding and experiencing.

Additional topics, related to martial arts, contact dance, bodywork, partnerwork:

  • Bodywork based on Tai Chi principles – getting closer to tai chi principles (easeness, centeredness, groundedness, flow) by movements, bodywork and partnerwork


  • Tai Chi meets Contact Improvisation – more about the dance, how can tai chi influence your dance, (need some ci experience)


  • Nonviolent communication and conflict handling – in movement and bodywork, based on contact improvisation and tai chi methods

DSC_5102-29tension is a sign of weaknessreal-time-communication-tools-for-remote-teams2

  • Getting into relations – self discovery approach based on body, touch, relation, movement and space oriented experiences for revealing our patterns and getting closer to our real selves and to each other, build We(us) from many I(me). Encounters, experiences, self-discovery adventure in a fine tuned space without words.


  • Contact improvisation – Ci offers wide horizont for dance, encounters and getting into relations, for self expression, for authentic movement. Basicly it is a dance that based on physical contact, weight shift, touching and getting in balance/inbalance with others or with yourself, through using the space, the ground, your partner(s), but has a more psychological levels as well. It can improve you in body-awareness, attention, sensitivity, improvisation, creativity, playfulness, movement culture, nonverbal conversation, finetuning the body, giving you self discovering experiences, and helps you attain flow.

contact improvisation2Contact-Improvisation-Dance-400pxPlayfight – fusion of dance and martial arts – based on contact dance, improvisation and tai chi, how can we react and relate to external influences, playful expression of lifeforce, joy, passion, and your inner hero, life is a dance or fight?


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  • Touch and feel – sensual and sexual exploration on the Feminine and Masculine sides


  • Prepare yourself for Winter – practices from Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and principles from Ayurveda, Chinese 5 element – how can we protect our health, vitality and well being during the long, cold and dark winter

  • Complete cleanse of the digest system – exploring the so called Sanka Prakshalana and Vamana Dhauti cleaning yoga techniques


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