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Adam Sapi – NewBody – Radical BodyMindAwareness

DSC_5508-6_jotai chi, qi gong, yoga instructor,

buddhist dharma teacher,

somatic & movement therapist (heilpraktiker),

movement & body & self discovery related training, workshop, retreat organizer and facilitator

contact: +3630/9633930,


Actual classes in Budapest:

  • on Mondays 19.15h Vinyasa Yoga in English @ AUM Blaha
  • on Tuesdays 18h Tai Chi flow @ Zenta Stúdió (event)
  • on Wednesdays 18h Vinyasa yoga and pranayama @Harmóniafészek (event)

Workshops and retreats in Hungary

  • program list here, retreats info here, mail me for more details here

Actual classes in Berlin (until 10th March!):

still looking for more possibilities to teach, you know something, please contact me..

Private sessions:

  • Private classes: We can have yoga / qi gong / tai chi private classes, as it fits you, focusing on your abilities and improve your capacities.
  • Thai massage sessions
  • listen-to-your-body-2Integral Yoga therapy sessions:
    I offer therapy sessions based on bodywork, yoga, somato-movement therapy. I have been practicing yoga for 18 years, teaching for 8 years, using yoga as therapeutic tool for 4 years.
    Listen to your body, it is smarter than you are!
    We can deal with a certain problem or situation that you bring, we can work on physical, energetic, emotional or mental levels, depends on you. I use yoga, ayurveda, qi gong, breathing techniques and somato-movement methods in sessions. These methods (aka bodywork) work on and through the body, this body is always a honest mirror and always talk, this body is always in presence and always remember, therefore regarded as a gate to your inner Self. Using exercises like movement, posture, breathing, massage, bodywork, presence, mindfulness and reaching/changing your body, mind and personality through this way. The focus of the sessions could be on prevention or healing if you have a certain physical or psychic problem, or could be self discovery and improvement as well. I could help you to understand and reveal this wisdom, this presence, this subtle awareness, when body teaches.
    It is for you if you wanna change, if you might having problems on the following fields: vitality/fatigue, way how you feel yourself, self-confidence, discomforts, stress/tension handling, addictions, sensitivity/vulnerability/nerves, sleeping/biorhythm, nutrition/digestion/weight, psychosomatic disorders (physic reasons -> physical effects), pain in postures/spine/joints/movement, heart/bloodpressure/circulation, immune system/health, sexuality/incontinence, mind/focus/attention/concentration, relaxation/meditation.
  • Prices: sliding scale: 40-60€ / 75 min in Berlin, 30€ in Budapest

Workshops in Berlin:

  • 15-17th March 2019 – Tai Chi, Bodywork, Meditation – @Konk retreat, info here
  • 13th Jan 2019 – Tai chi and Zen day – @Zen Zentrum Berlin, Wedding
  • under plan! Jan 2019 – Prepare yourself for winter – Ayurveda, chinese medicine, qi gong and yoga
  • 11th and 14th July 2018 – Tai chi and qi gong sessions
  • 7th July 2018 – Playfight and contact improvisation with Kieran Mitchell – @KM58, event here
  • 14th July 2018 – Pranayama – yoga breathing techniques – @YogaAmPark, event here

Classes in Berlin until July 2018:

  • on Tuesdays in Treptower (Yoga am Park, Am Treptower 42)
    • 9.30-10.45 Vinyasa yoga
  • on Thursdays in Treptower
    • 17.30-18.30 Hatha yoga
  • on Fridays in Treptower
  • on Saturdays in Kreuzkolln (FB event and more info)
    • 10.30-12.00 Vinyasa yoga and pranayama
    • 12.00-12.30 Zen meditation
  • on Sundays in Treptower (FB event and more info)
    • 18.00-19.15 Vinyasa yoga
    • 19.30-20.45 Qi gong

on Facebook, Youtube:

  • Follow/like my FaceBook site here
  • my FB events here
  • Youtube channel here

About my work, in nutshell:

  • i offer and teach in 3 forms, framesets: Yoga, Tai chi kung, Movement & Bodywork
  • by integrating and focusing on 3 essences: Body-Mindfulness, Self-discovery, Practice
  • I teach 3 flow

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