I teach 3 Flow

teach 3 kinds of flow regularly in general, you can find flow concept in my yoga, tai chi and meditation as well:

Vinyasa flow yoga – flow of movements and breathing

46942673_2301037320178359_5519246151766769664_n_kisMy yoga core has been forming by several influences (hatha, tantra, himalaya, kundalini, ashtanga, vinyasa, integral) since 2001, I have been teaching it since 2011 and still changing, like life, if you need a label let’s call it vinyasa yoga with pranayama, means not just dealing with the body but breathing techniques and mindfulness are also involved in it. In the class you will have challenges, inner heat, efforts, dynamism, flow, sweat, stretching, balance, relax. You will improve in stress-relief, vitality, health, well being, embodiedness, focus, creativity, inner silence.

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Tai chi flow – flow in motion


TCF is a fusion of yang style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), Integral Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qi Gong), with several Tai Chi aspects involved: movement culture, healthcare, energetic work, self development, inner alchemy, martial arts, meditation, philosophy, lifestyle. TCF introduces the core principles and qualities like: stillness in movement, meeting with earth and heaven, lightness, easeness, centeredness, rootedness, flow, structure, softenness, flexibility, effortlessness, nonresistency, connectedness, smart force, dan tiens, water, circle, spiral.. In classes we warm up and prepare the physical body, then qi gong exercises for the energetic body, then meet the principles of tai chi in practice, we learn short parts of forms and then we bind them into a contiguous, slow motion in order to attain flow. We also practice with partner to develop listening/perception, and looking for the obstacles/blocks of your flow, and to learn how to use “soft/smart” force instead of stiffness and resistance, how to let go of tension and stress.

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Mind flow – flow of mindful being

I have met direct paths (zen, dzogchen, advaita vedanta) around 2006, after that I practiced and influenced by many other meditation techniques but the zen approach remained important through years. In January 2018 I took part in a 21 days long zen retreat with 8-10 hours meditation a day, after that I was living in Zen Center Berlin for 8 months where zazen is a daily practice, so I like to offer this kind of awareness/mindfulness practice in classes and retreats. Just forget what you know about meditation, this approach is simple and clear without anything to know, just being still and effortlessly in the moment, without being attached to anything that arises, and just reflect what is going on like mirror, just observing and being anchored in the moment, in mindflow.. and looking for who You are 😉


Besides regular classes I have special topics, concepts for bodywork workshops and seminars, you can find detailed info about them here.

Private therapy or classes

I offer therapy based on bodywork and private classes on yoga, qi gong. More info here.


More about me here.

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